Yummy Crispy fried chicken
By Rose May Villamer
Aji nomotto umami seasoning
Aji crispy fry breading mix orinigal
1kg chicken (any part)
4-5 pcs calamansi
Crush garlic/garlic powder
Crushed peper
1-2 pcs eggs
Wash and slice chicken (your choice of cuts)
Drain and dry till all excess water in the chicken is gone
In a small cup mix calamansi, peper, garlic and a small portion of Aji no mottor umami seasoning. No need to add any more pampalasa kasi yung Ajinomotto crispy fry ay full of flavor na.
Beat eggs in a separate bowl.
Open the 1kg pack of Ajinomotto Crispy fry and put in a bowl.
To fry make sure that the oil is well heated.
Roll a slice of chicken into the egg and then down to the Ajinomotto Crispy fry breading mix. The fry it in a low heat to avoid our chicken being raw.. serve with the whole family.