Pork Nilaga with Ajinomoto
By Sheena Saldua
Ajinomoto Umami Seasoning
1 Kilogram of Pork Gigue
1 medium Red Onion
2 Table Spoon of Patis
1Teaspoon of black peppercorns
6 Cups of Water
3 Mediun size of Potato
1Head of Cabbage
1 bunch of Baguio Beans
Calamnasi to serve
and also oil as needed
- Heat oil in Casserole in a medium heat
- Add Onion, and stir Slightly
- Add the Pork, Water, Black Peppercorns and Patis
- Increase the heat and remove all scum in the surface
- Cover it and lowering the heat and wait until the pork become tender
-Then put Ajinomoto Umami Seasoning to bring out the deliciousness of Pork Nilaga, and wait until 2 minutes then turn off
- add potatoes and low heat until it tender
- after that add cabbage and green beans, wait until 15 minutes
- the its ready to serve with patis and calamansi.